Cleaning Tips


Bright Services share free unique cleaning tips of home improvement.

  1. Before washing your windows or glass, whip all the dust with a dry cloth so that the dust after getting wet will not be sucked up into the corners of the frames. Wash the windows or glass with a little lukewarm water. Rub all the stains with a soft sponge making sure that it puts no scratches on the glass. Dry the entire surface with a cotton fabric or paper towels. If you put some vinegar in the solution of lukewarm water, it will be an environmental friendly solution helping you kill all the germs and allergens.

  2. Polishing your furniture shall be longing the life of the furniture. Do read all the instructions carefully while applying any furniture polishing solution. Always apply the suggested amount of the solution and make sure not to encounter the solution with longer period of time.

  3. Raking your lawn regularly shall prevent having nursing environment for pest.

  4. Do vacuum regularly is you have pets at home. It will soaked all the shedding material and dust from your carpet and furniture. But try to use dry or dust mob if you have wooden or titles floors.

  5. Never use dishwasher for delicate wine glass or any other light ceramic.

  6. Never use car wax on the floors. It will make them sticky and you might get slipped. Use it on showers or any other material where they will be staying longer.

  7. Some cleaner are harmful to skin, so make sure to put safety gloves before using them.

  8. Never mix cleaners, it might end up into a very dangerous chemicals. Always take the precautionary measures.

  9. Sprinkle a little borax on your carpet after vacuuming. It will prevent your carpet from fleas.